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Blockchain Summit India 2019: Growing Blockchain Ecosystem

Blockchain Summit India 2019 is being organized by Department of Science and Technology, Government of India and L-incubator, IIM Lucknow on February 22-23, 2019 at IIM Lucknow Noida campus. The initiative is towards enabling the Indian government and ministries to speed up the process of developing a blockchain ecosystem and shape up the cryptocurrencies for better usage in India.

The summit has ministers and bureaucrats of Government of India as speakers belonging from Department of Science and Technology, HRD, Law and Commerce. India’s premium institutions’ senior faculties will be present to enlighten about the technology and ecosystem development at education levels. This summit will witness the presence of global crypto economists, community builders, technology pioneers to help the country grasp the expertise and experience from the leaders of the blockchain technology.

Blockchain Summit India 2019 is aimed to understand the global blockchain space and device blockchain solutions to accelerate the growth of the Indian market.

Tickets for the summit is available on their website Blockchain Summit India. The prices have been marked as per the specialization or category of the personnel. Everyone is invited and so the tickets made available starts from student category and draw up to the VIP access card.

Why One Should Attend BSI 2019

At BSI, there will be a Blockchain Expo where selected companies, Indian startups and corporates indulged in Blockchain landscape can showcase and network with the world’s top blockchain companies. They can present their ideas to ministers and policymakers and get the chance to work with the government and expand.

Startup companies will be provided with funding and grants from L-incubator, IIM Lucknow and also from other Indian accelerators and public companies.

With more than 5,000 delegates and 100 blockchain companies, BSI is designed to provide high-level interactivity and premium networking across the event. With global brands like Google, Entrepreneur and ISB partnering with the summit, it can be a grand success to grow the blockchain ecosystem.

In short, BSI is the place to know the key announcements for blockchain, meet and ask the policymakers, look out for industry-academia alliances, interact with the blockchain leaders and learn everything that Blockchain technology is.

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