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Blockchain Start-ups Are Becoming Trendsetter For Next Gen Techies

Blockchain start-ups took a high ride in the year 2018 with several successful projects and apps in the global market. In fact, even the big tech giants are looking forward to making an alliance with some of the blockchain firm beginners who have created innovative and commercially viable products in the last few months. This emerging technology is the future of security, finance and distribution industry which involves a hefty amount of money. That is why these startups are finding ways to mix various sectors by experimenting with distributed ledger technology.

Several market-leading companies like J.P. Morgan, American Express, IBM, the United Nations Development Programme and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are dedicating time, efforts and money to come up with blockchain-powered services and products. Perhaps, it is pretty logical and feasible for MNC’s to begin researching and working on novel technologies like blockchain as they have enough money and resources.

Things appear pretty differently in case of blockchain start-ups wherein there is no huge financial backup and ready clientele to pitch on. But some of them really know how to turn the table. One such example is 26-year-old college dropout Maxine Ryan, who is now a co-founder and chief operations officer of Bitspark. Their firm is blockchain-enabled cross-border remittance platform which facilitates the users to transfer money without any requirement of a bank account as well as associated charges for the same.

According to CNBC, Ryan stated that she could foresee the potential in the blockchain technology and therefore she dropped out from the university (she was only six months away from completing her graduation).

Blockchain Beginners

There are companies who are actively exploring blockchain, but much of the work in travel is being done by younger businesses, initiatives built from the ground up with blockchain at their core, as mentioned by Phocus Wire. There have been many blockchain start-ups mushrooming around these days which signify the facts that there is potential, resources and profit coming in from this industry. There are a dozen companies which have already excelled in developing noteworthy blockchain pilot projects across the world.

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