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Blockchain Software Facilitates Data Capabilities To Digital Media

Blockchain software might not fit in all the industries but there is an obvious appeal as it gets omnipresent in the international market.  Indeed, it isn’t an instant hit and there are several projects that have not yet achieved the desired objectives from this future technology.  After disrupting the industries like finance, energy, supply chain and health care it is now making its way into media. Blockchain can be used anywhere where there is a transactional operation is performed in a business involving assets and data.

To strengthen the niche of blockchain a new platform Blockgraph has been launched by Comcast Cable Advertising, a division of Comcast Corporation. The industry initiative facilitates participants to protect and manage their data which happens in a shared insight of the entire network. The new peer-to-peer system will help in creating a secured identity layer for the audience of television. Also, the media companies will be able to adopt this system which will help in the secure exchange of privacy-compliant audience for advertising.

Comcast has already begun collaborating with industry partners that include big names such as Spectrum Reach and Viacom. The media companies will be able to offer the data sans disclosing identifiable user to the third parties. The primary objective of this blockchain software is to improve the effectiveness and competence of data-driven advertising which will result in enhanced targeting and execution, as mentioned by Business Wire.

This Is Just Beginning

According to Enterprisers Project, blockchain software can help in providing a secure ledger which will facilitate actual access of the ads which will be transparent for all the parties of the network. One of the major aspects of the advertising industry is the maintenance of data which is a matter of trust and transparency. The unique features of blockchain might result in the development of several key applications for optimizing ad campaigns, eliminate spoofing and inconsistency in data.

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