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Blockchain Smartphone Finney Takes Over The Market With Ultra-Secure Transaction Features

Blockchain smartphone is the new market sensations which are being looked upon as a game changer of the mobile industry. There are already a few blockchain-enabled smartphones in the market but the show stopper is Finney device introduced by Swiss-based Sirin Labs. This premier device is cyber-protected and comes with a built-in cold storage wallet along with a unique secure screen that is completely safe for crypto transactions.

Finney posses quite a lot of innovative features such as hardware protection of crypto-asset, built-in token conversion service to facilitate seamless conversions of tokens and crypto coins and decentralization of native apps. It was originally launched in July last year and was put up on sale for $999. The pre-orders were opened in November and they are all set to receive it within this week.

This blockchain smartphone is nothing less than an amazing set of characters set in a new age mobile device. This device can be checked at The Mayfair store of the Sirin Labs located at Bruton Place, London. This is the flagship store for Finney which will probably be also advancing as a community center or a meetup place for the crypto and blockchain enthusiasts. A second store is already in line to get launched in some time at Tokyo and New York as mentioned by Venture Beat.

Sirin Labs chair Kenes Rakishev stated that the company chose London as their first destination for the store because it’s the technological hub and has more significant investment than other European centers. In his words, it is the premier ideal location for blockchain powered Finney’s store launch and to go on sale as well.

Other Blockchain-enabled Smartphones

According to Computer World, other companies such as Taiwan-based Company HTC Corp has joined the bandwagon with their blockchain smartphone dubbed as HTC Exodus. This handset facilitates owners to play CryptoKitties which is a kind of decentralized app game that runs on multiple nodes on P2P networks.

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