Blockchain Singapore Company JET8 Empowering Brands By Changing Social Media Engagement Tactics

Blockchain Singapore-based company JET8 is gearing up to empower the brands and give more power in the hands of the consumers by introducing changes in the existing social media engagement tactics.

According to the founder of the company, Victor Zabrockis, JET8 will restore the content ownership rights and also give rewards to the users who will contribute.

Zabrockis stated that the technology of his company enables anyone, anywhere to form global profiles and serve as micro-influencers. For these contributors, the influence can work as a source of earning. With a market capitalization of $1.68 million, JET8 is a global social media platform that uses blockchain technology to empower agencies, influencers, and brands to engage social media users and influence social communities by implementing user-generated content from mobile.

The platform has its own social currency, JETS which is distributed as a reward to the users for influencing and engaging brands and communities that they love. The users earn JETS for every comment, share, and in-app like. The users can use JETS to redeem products on the internet or even offline over-the-counter in more than 15,000 retail stores across the world like 7-Eleven and Watsons.

The blockchain-based company from Singapore boasts of over 15 million app installs across South Africa and Southeast Asia. Named Fotoku, the users can share branded videos and selfies on this app among their followers across diverse social media networks, says Markets Insider. The APPaaS from JET8 provides customized and white-labeled apps to the brands which make reciprocal engagement with fans, contributors, customers, and citizens possible.

The benefits of this app are not restricted to one single area of work. It can be applied to diverse fields and workplaces including sports clubs, non-profit organizations, and music festivals. The customized app creates new options for brands so that the return on investment can be maximized.

The blockchain firm from Singapore’s JET8 token can be purchased on leading exchanges including Kucoin, IDEX, and Bancor Network, says Marea Informative. The decentralized architecture of JET8 integrates all the features and transactions on the blockchain platform. It allows the users to use the JETS social currency at multiple retail, online and offline stores.

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