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Blockchain-Powered Games Trending In Crypto Space

Despite cryptocurrency going through a low patch, it is undoubtedly penetrating in all the markets. Currently, the concept of cryptocurrency has taken over the gaming space as many crypto-related games are being introduced. In a recent report, a game startup raised $16 million from investors such as Okcoin and Galaxy Digital, while developers of a game backed by Coinbase have released a new gameplay trailer.

Cryptocurrency-related games are trending in the market and therefore, developers are introducing more of those. Blockchain-powered games are attracting many eyeballs and garnering a massive response from the users. Mythical Games, a new Los Angeles-headquartered game studio, stated that it recently raised a whopping amount of $16 million in a Series-A financing round. The funds will be utilized to support the development and co-production of blockchain-powered games for mobile, PCs and consoles.

Meanwhile, Fuel Games, another blockchain-powered game development company released a gameplay trailer for its upcoming title “Gods Unchained.” The company raised $2.4 million and is financed by Coinbase Ventures, Continue Capital, Sora Ventures and Nirvana Capital. The association between games developers and cryptocurrency is progressing as the crypto market is flooded with such games.

Mike Novogratz, CEO and founder of Galaxy Digital, stated, “We believe that gaming and specifically players’ interaction with in-game economies and virtual goods will play a key role in how the masses first discover the true potential of the blockchain,” as reported in Bitcoin News.

Videogaming’s continued interest in blockchain technology is ramped up as a new game that’s been built around the Ethereum blockchain is set to launch. According to the news, a game developer of Arcade Distillery is preparing to launch a new game designed for the Play Station 4 that will be featuring a lot of nonfungible tokens (NFTs) and will be built on the Ethereum blockchain, as mentioned in Cryptoline News.

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