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Blockchain Platform Nexledger’s New Version Nexledger Universal Is Available On Microsoft Azure Marketplace

Nexledger Universal is a new version of a blockchain platform called Nexledger. It is available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. Customers can use Nexledger Universal in a cloud environment because it is available as a platform-as-a-service (PaaS). They no need to use a separate server and an application installation.

The new version will be faster than the previous one. It has used a technology called white box cryptography technology in order to enhance security functions.

It is stated that businesses can be innovated through blockchain technology. Time can be reduced and those resources which are needed to verify the technology can also be reduced through Nexledger Universal.

A standard application programming interface (API) is provided through the new version. The API is applicable to Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum. It isn’t only applicable to Hyperledger Fabric and Ethereum, but also applicable to Samsung SDS NCA (Nexledger Consensus Algorithm). Application services can be developed through only one of three technologies and some of the services are user proof of originality, authentication, and payment settlement.

Samsung SDS is a subsidiary of Samsung group who has made the announcement of releasing the new version. The blockchain platform Nexledger belongs to Samsung SDS.

A fundamental desire drives a vision of Samsung SDS. Addressing the problems along with leveraging an Information and Communication Technolgy (ICT) and discovering insights is the fundamental desire, according to the official LinkedIn account of Samsung SDS.

The Microsoft Azure Marketplace is an online store created to provide applications and services. It provided 3,800+ products as of 2016 and the products were organized into seven categories viz., Azure Active Directory applications, Web applications, Data services, Virtual machines (VM), Developer services, API apps, and  Microsoft Dynamics solutions. Microsoft or its technology partners can put products and services into the Microsoft Azure Marketplace. The products and services are certified through the Microsoft Azure Certified Program, then they will be available for buying, according to the Search Cloud Computing.

The senior vice president and the leader of Blockchain Center of Samsung SDS Jeanie Hong said, “We plan to expand our cloud-based blockchain platform by registering Nexledger Universal on other cloud marketplaces,” Samsung SDS reported.

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