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Blockchain News: Thailand Begins Ledger Based Voting For Transparent Democracy

The latest blockchain news coming in from Thailand is about to set a pioneering example for the rest of the world. It is about to become the first country which will conduct a blockchain enabled voting in their coming elections. While the rest of the world still debates on the competency and potential of this ledger form, the Thai government has relied on this emerging technology and has come out in full support of its integration within their democratic system. Indeed, this technology has already disrupted many industries. However, everyone is keenly keeping an eye on this interesting Asia update.

The Thai government is going to make the use of a hybrid model which includes both e-voting in close groups as well as the traditional way of voting. The reason behind this is that there is not much awareness of digital literacy and it is just not feasible to change the entire voting pattern in one go. All voters will get connected with the help of 5G when it is completely operational in the entire country.

As per the latest blockchain news, Thailand’s National Electronics and Computer Technology Center (NECTEC) has developed this e-voting technology which is applicable for a national, community, provincial and business voting. Nectec head of the cybersecurity laboratory Chalee Vorakulpipat stated that the primary objective of blockchain powered voting is to keep up data integrity and diminish fraudulent activities in the elections, as mentioned by Bangkok Post.

Why Blockchain Can Improve Election Process?

According to BTC Wires, there are several countries in the world which are still far away from legitimate and fair voting practice. The votes are after tampered and the voter fraud also makes a disproportionate voter count at times. In addition to this, there are cases in which the voters are residing far away from the voting centers and it becomes inconvenient for many to cast their votes.

This blockchain news update is definitely a ray of hope for a full-proof digitize and transparent democracy.

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