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Blockchain News: Ledger Based Supply Chain Management Tutorials And Its Integration

Most of the blockchain news is coming from supply chain management domains these days. A lot of blockchain integration and adoption has been done in recent months across the globe by several leading companies. Blockchain has been making several headlines these days with its generous involvement in this business vertical. Several firms and organization are coming up with tutorials and courses to educate professionals more about this emerging technology which is transforming this industry.

One of the most crucial factors in a supply chain is accountability which has a major role to play in today’s business which has crossed geographical borders. There has been a tremendous change in the supply chain management over the years which have roped in a whole lot of other factors too other than simply sending off and receiving the items. Be it food products, FMCG items, electronics or jewelry there are chances of them being spoiled and damage over a course of time. Here, comes in blockchain technology which can monitor their status and even recall those items in worst cases.

Blockchain Supply Chain Management Tutorials

In a recent blockchain news update, the U.S. Air Force Institute of Technology (AFIT) announced an interactive gratis blockchain supply chain management tool for the professionals. The most unique feature of this free app is that it is accessible from both personal computers and smartphones. This study material can be used as a standalone module or can be integrated with other blockchain teaching modules as well. AFIT interactive tutorial is a complete series for the ones who wish to learn blockchain from scratch as mentioned by Modern Materials Handling.

According to ICO Desk, the use of decentralized ledger and the unique features of blockchain in the supply chain can be completely relied upon for checking the accountability of the entire chain. It is expected that there will be more such blockcain news updates coming in from AFIT regarding more tutorials in the near future.

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