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Blockchain News: Challenges To Be Faced By Indian Market

The latest blockchain news is about all the severe challenges which are hidden with the adoption of the technology in the existing systems. Indeed this is a revolutionary shift in the field of operations which have become quite a lot efficient with the encryption-based technique. As the world changes so does the work culture and opportunities in the market. The one who changes and modifies with time survives the transformation.

The same applies to the application of blockchain technology within the Indian market which going through a breakthrough revolution. Even though it has been evolving since the 90’s but came in light with the cryptocurrency craze. The entire crypto operation is based on a blockchain-based platform. The popularity of Bitcoin has actually helped in spreading awareness of this technology. Blockchain news then spread like fire in the market and is now picked up by major MNC’s and organizations. The best feature of blockchain is that it is applicable in almost all domains and not just cryptocurrency trade.

Blockchain And The New Age Generation

According to The Hindu, it is stated that there are many sectors which have significant value for blockchain addition like, infrastructure, education, finance and pharmaceutical. In addition to this, it is likely to open new career options for the upcoming generation. Those who become proficient in it will have bright opportunities in the upcoming years as it might replace the old conventional operational platforms.

Currently, there is a scarcity of blockchain developers; however, it is observed that budding engineers are now opting out from the conventional streams. According to the latest blockchain news, it is alleged that there will be several high paying jobs in the next decade. Techie giants like IBM and Tech Mahindra are conduction seminars and workshops for spreading awareness on blockchain technology and roping candidates for the same.

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