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Blockchain Mining Network Makes Place In Mexican Market

The blockchain mining network is gaining huge popularity in Mexico these days. It is already known that there have been several blockchain based project experiments are taking place there which have been closely monitored by the ledger industry leaders. Certainly, it is one of the most suitable prospects after the formation of Blockchain Association Mexico which is one of its first kinds of intuitions created by renowned companies such as GBM, Lvna Capital, Bitso, BIVA, Volabit, Exponential Capital and Consensys.

This initiative has particularly embarked the foundation of blockchain technology in the commercial market of Mexico which will also help in its successful integration within various business verticals. The provisional president of the association Felipe Vallejo stated that their prime objective is to enhance the current system to make it more efficient, transparent and secure. The long terms object of the association is to make people aware of this newly emerging technology that is making its niche in almost all the genres.

The members of the association are also looking forward to turning the blockchain mining network into a massive tool which is regulated within a set to standards. Hence, considering all aspects that make it more user-friendly and safe as mentioned by Forbes.

Current Blockchain Project In Mexico

The current experiment powered by blockchain at the largest port on the Gulf of Mexico has been an eye candy for everyone in the industry. It has been anticipated that the success of this project will bring in massive investment from all over the world to Mexico for further research and development.

According to BlockTribune, this project is aiming to underline the blockchain uses for the improvement of security of cargo transportation at ports. The project is being managed by a Florida-based blockchain and logistics startup dexFreight and the Texas A&M Transportation Institute (TTI).

The blockchain mining network is still in the beginning stages and will certainly take time to make its mark in the global market.

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