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Blockchain May Bring Big Transformation For Translators In Language Industry

Blockchain technology may bring huge transformation in all the industries including the language industry. Even though until now, the usage of this technology allows distribution of digital information through a decentralized ledger that has been restricted to a few fields including logistics, insurance, health, and food. It can also be used for fulfilling multiple requirements.

With many industries exploring the potential of the blockchain, one industry is also focusing on exploiting this technology is the field of language. The industry has been exploring ways to use this potentially disruptive technology to fulfill its myriad requirements including localizations, translation, and machine translation supply chain. The Slator 2018 Blockchain and Translation Report answers most of the related questions from this field.

With the help of this easy-to-digest research from Slator, a language service provider and the end-clients can get the latest industry and data analysis figures giving them the needed confidence that comes with staying informed at the time of taking critical decisions.

The digest research from Slator is one of the most cost-effective and credible resources for busy professionals from the language industry. The digest conceives and prepares a strategy and executes roundtable events, thereby, ensuring that the targeted buyers of language in the media entertainment sectors are attracted, Slatorreported.

Elsewhere, the Language Information Communication (LIC) Foundation recently declared at the prestigious annual Language Data Network (TAUS) conference held at the Fairmont Hotel about the launch of its blockchain platform for solving the issues faced by the language service industry, Markets Insider reported. Only the biggest translation companies in the world and leaders in the machine learning translation. Followingly, content giants like Alibaba, Google, SDL, and LinkedIn attended the conference.

Dr. Peggy Peng, who is the CEO and founder of the Singapore-based startup said, “Blockchain presents a historic opportunity to solve hundred-year-old problems faced by the language service industry.” There are so many issues that this industry professional’s face. For example, the customers do not know how to find or evaluate the services of translators and translators do not have the right network for searching a job suitable for them. Blockchain-based platforms can certainly make a lot of difference in resolving these issues.

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