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Blockchain Investment Plan Embraced By Renowned Organization Including UNICEF

The leading organizations of the world are now making sure that their blockchain investment plan is ready with the beginning of 2019. This year has been pretty amazing for the blockchain enthusiasts who have witnessed an accelerated momentum gain in the acceptance of this ledger from across the globe. In the latest addition to this list, the UNICEF Innovation Fund has listed out some startups which will receive funds from the humanitarian agency.

Undeniably, blockchain technology has been deployed in all major sectors which includes finance, supply chain, pharmaceutical/healthcare, aviation, security and energy to name a few. The unique feature of blockchain has made it possible to reach out in such diverse manner. It is not just being adopted by the leading companies of the world but also by the organizations like UNICEF which will be focusing to resolve several global challenges using this ledger form.

The blockchain investment plan of UNICEF includes a whopping amount of $100,000 USD which will be disbursed among six companies, Onesmart, Statwig, W3 Engineers, Atix Labs, Prescrypto and Utopixar. All these companies will be working on the projects to deliver open-source prototypes of blockchain apps within the duration of 12-months. Interestingly, all these six selected startups belong to emerging and developing economies.

How Will These Start-Ups Help?

According to UNICEF, these blockchain apps will help in solving issues like directing funds and resources to social-impact projects, effective monitoring of health-care delivery and enhanced access to mobile networks and their connectivity. Principal Adviser of UNICEF Innovation Chris Fabian stated that blockchain is in its early stages at the moment and there is a lot of scope for experimentation and learning. He further added that that is exactly the right time when agencies like UNICEF invest and help in uplifting for the growth of a technology.

It is predicted that 2019 will far fetch an even better result in terms of blockchain investment plan as compared to 2018, as mentioned by Payments Journal. In August 2016 Mercator suggested that perhaps 1 in 20 blockchain solutions might leverage blockchain capabilities in a way that couldn’t be replicated by a lower-cost database solution deployed in the cloud.

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