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Blockchain Inroads Disaster Management And Relief Through Centrally-Managed Systems

Blockchain technology has become the one unique approach for almost all the domains including disaster management. No one would have ever thought about it a few years back when it was introduced as an operating platform for cryptocurrency trade. Some of the experts believe that this emerging technology is cryptocurrency be used for such management. In fact, it has already been undertaken by the renowned human rights organization United Nations for some of their eminent projects.

A blockchain network or ledger is a network of huge database or records which remain immutable and cannot be altered. It provides enhanced transparency and monitoring to the network participants and users. The government agencies can use the blockchain-enabled platform to ensure tax regulations.

A blockchain-enabled platform Dappbase has been adopted by Indonesian industry group Carbon Conservation which will help in protecting rainforests from haze-causing fires in some regions. This region is very prone to such haze fires and it happens there often. In another update, it is unveiled that, this technology is also going to help in distributing aid credits during disaster management. Companies like Sikka that run on the Ethereum blockchain operating platform has begun the usage of distributing digital credits to the aid recipients. This way there is no third-party involvement and no chance of any fraudulent activity as mentioned by Forbes.

Similarly, Israeli firm Platin has found an innovative solution ‘Proof of Location’ (PoL) protocols which will specialize in identifying GPS coordinates or specific location to forward essential supplies in case of any disaster. The protocol can be integrated within geospatial activity and remains compliant to all the standards. This entire plan works on smart contract technology.

Blockchain And Disaster Relief

According to Pymnts, the U.S. Department of Defense has found a unique way to deal with disasters relief. The department believes that this technology is capable of transforming trust or transactions with the centrally-managed systems.  The department is still making developments in their research about how blockchain can be deployed for disaster management.

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