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Blockchain Info: New Form of Blockchain For African Region

The latest blockchain info has something special to offer the people of the African continent. The established IT leader Compulynx and eminent tech company Chainworks have come together in a strategic partnership to develop innovative products and solutions on a blockchain based platform. Their official collaboration is officially dubbed as Chainworks Africa and its prime objective is to promote the future blockchain technology in the African continent.

The coalition will take benefits of Chainworks’ skilled know-how in ledger based solutions and Compulynx’s strong traction and expertise of the African region to embrace blockchain apps which can make a significant contribution to the African economy.

Several blockchain info reports have mentioned that there is a wide possibility to explore the blockchain technology advancement in the African region which will, in turn, develop their economy as well. It is widely believed by the experts that blockchain technology can be positioned in an apt way to make a social and economic impact in the African countries.

A recent report titled as “The African Blockchain Report 2018”, informed that there is a noteworthy rise in the innovation in the African countries like Uganda, South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria. Chainworks Africa is looking forward to expanding their business for potential blockchain test cases in the countries that are taking lead in the blockchain experimentation.

Chainworks Inc. Founder and CEO Rohit Tandon stated that blockchain technology will bring a revolutionary transformation in the African economy. In addition to this, he added that their company has already an established clientele in Africa which will be enhanced with this partnership as mentioned by CIO.

African Job Market

The youth population of Africa is projected to reach around one billion by the year 2050. The population growth can be driven in the right direction for the emergence of innovative technological advancements. The boom in the population will require both wealth and job creation in the upcoming years. (Via PR Newswire)

This blockchain info is likely to make rapidly accelerating growth in crypto and distributed ledger technology.

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