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Blockchain Future Technology Hype In 2018, Investment Visibility For 2019 Projects

With the end of this magnificent year, it would not be incorrect to state that blockchain future technology made its way to the international platform. The rapid acceptance of this ledger form helped in creating more viable products and services of this domain. WORBLI, a blockchain infrastructure finance system unveiled that 2018 witnessed some of the major blockchain successes across the globe.

Despite the success claims of ledger powered products and services it is known that several projects have suffered in achieving their objectives due to lack of technical understanding and regulatory compliance. The hype surrounding the benefits of blockchain made most of the projects begun without a clear understanding of the know-how of the systems and the resulting outputs. Evidently, some failed and some stuck with no clear idea as this technology is still evolving.

One of the successful platforms WORBLI which is a Know Your Customer and Anti-Money Laundering platform running on scalable base layer protocol (EOS) is going to adopt the blockchain future technology in the coming year. The idea behind is to revolutionize the finance domain by the integration of blockchain apps as mentioned by Irish Tech News. This is how the companies have begun building their approach towards this emerging technology. Hence, it also makes a direct impact towards crypto trade which laid the way of existence for blockchain.

Major Predictions For 2019

According to Finextra, it is stated that the blockchain domain will improve its image in the New Year with its massive adoption at a massive scale. The industries are focusing more on the real-world problems which can be resolved with the help of future blockchain technology. As per the results of the survey conducted by Deloitte, it is revealed that several companies have begun to move from proof-of-concept projects to real-world apps. These initiatives have begun to raise the visibility for the ledger based products.



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