Blockchain Event: Top 10 Points Of Trust This October

Ten blockchain colossi in a single place

Barcelona invites a significant surprising blockchain event on October 11th this year. The yearning Top10 Point of Trust meeting rotates around ten companies that have molded the business. A panel of famous speakers will convey their TED-motivated speeches to a welcome just gathering of people.

The stage is for the trusted only

Top10 Point of Trust gives an affair of a theoretically extraordinary blockchain conference for those tired of ICO pitching, pseudo-specialists, forceful deals, and extortion. Just when the best individuals talk, the situation changes. These representatives, ideologists, seniors of the best blockchain endeavors have nothing to offer, rather, they have a bounty to share. They will recount stories about their prickly way, their vision, and the issues they had confronted and understood before they have succeeded.

In a historical money-making place

It will all occur infamous in 14th century Casa Llotja de Mar, one of Barcelona’s most significant structures, the previous Sea Stock Exchange and the present Chamber of Commerce. It is where dealers from all around Spain and foreign countries have met for a very long time. Presently, the event will mean to construct in where trust has dependably been esteemed.

$700 million worth of value is already in

The speakers initially uncovered by the organizers are Nimrod May, CMO of Sirin Labs, the company to create blockchain-based cell phones having raised $158 million; Chakrit Ahmad, CEO of Dragon, a $320 million-million- gathering venture conveying cryptocurrency to gambling clubs; digital blockchain-fueled bank Bankera, another $150 million attractors, will be represented by its CEO Vytautas Karalevičius; Malcolm CasSelle, president of gaming commercial center WAX; and Antoni Trenchev, Managing Partner of crypto-supported loan provider NEXO, joined the lineup too. More speakers are to be reported.

Hand-chose everything

An invite-only event implies that there will be no open offer of tickets and no irregular individuals. Everyone, however, would already be able to apply for admission to the guest list. Conference sponsors are additionally said to undergo through a rigorous selection process. Among other fundamental features of the event are intense networking sessions, entertaining activities, a comfortable lounge, an isolated media zone, and to wrap things up, an after-party by the Mediterranean.
According to Cryptovest, Top10 Point of Trust is organized by Byzantium, an immersive blockchain counseling agency. The very encouraging arrangement they are taking this time may move the whole blockchain event industry.
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