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Blockchain Ensures Traceability In Supply Chain Management Of Carico Café Connoisseur

Supply chain management is one stream wherein blockchain technology has been able to gain the trust and confidence of the firms. Several world-leading retail brands have already begun integration of this wonderfully emerging technology to leverage its best potential. The latest addition in this list is Ugandan firm Carico Café Connoisseur which will make use of blockchain-based services for ensuring traceability of their coffee in their supply chain.

The Ugandan firm will make use of a novel blockchain-enabled platform which will facilitate the stored distributed database to the systems that are in sync within the network. Their prime objective is to track the coffee they sell through their brand and maintaining its right path to the customer. The solution that is being deployed to ensure this agenda will help in locating, monitoring and validating the coffee inventory records right from the beginning to their collection centers. In the later stages, the shipping information and tracking will also be stored in the blockchain database of the systems.

Carico Café Connoisseur CEO Mwambu Wanendeya stated that they look forward to making the connection of their product with the customer. He further added that the consumers have become aware and interested in having complete information about the origin and source of what they consume. This helps in establishing the authenticity of the original product that is reaching to the end-user through a very well done supply chain management, as mentioned by BTC Wires.

Role Of Blockchain In Supply Chain

According to Geospatial World, a blockchain system helps in generating quite a lot of information which is readily available.  These platforms can manage several types of discrepancies in supply chain like tracking, agreement or transaction-related matters. The integration of this technology in supply chain management helps in obtaining authentic and valuable data can be used for the improvisation of related products.

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