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Blockchain Empowers Individuals With Protection Of Personal Data

The privacy and protection of personal data have remained one of the crucial discussions at all the recent blockchain consortiums and conferences across the globe. Interestingly, blockchain has some features that can be combined in an apt way for the management of personal data. The hacking of personal information has been one of the prime concerns of the social media companies who are combating against the malware. This has turned out to be a very sensitive matter with the exposition of records related to millions of users using such platforms.

Blockchain technology is capable of transforming the data privacy and security of the networks. The decentralized nature of this ledger is also an immutable technology in which records cannot be altered. The needful and apt integration of blockchain can lead of a successful and full proof network that can revolutionize data privacy. The best part of this integration is that the user can gain complete control over their data with the help of private encryption keys for each individual. The two major areas wherein this application has already started making its place are retail and health domains.

Protection of personal data is appreciated within the health sector and it is very well executed in China wherein blockchain is used to support healthcare related options for elders. Their operating system is supported by automated systems and verified digital health records as mentioned by Enterprise Innovation.

Data Management And Financial Services

According to Tech Crunch, it is stated that the Nairobi based startup Gravity Earth is working on an interesting project for refugees so that they can gain access to financial services and other related services.

The Gravity Earth founder Johannes Ebert stated that a refugee camp is one place where everyone is almost unknown, so even tiniest information about them becomes very important. This is a unique task which will possibly turn out to be one of the noblest cause in the sector of protection of personal data.

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