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Blockchain Education Program Liberates Developers To Connect With Potential Customers

Blockchain education has been taken up seriously by the institutes and organizations to bridge the gap of know-how and resources in this stream. There are several big universities that have already taken up blockchain in their mainstream education. However, there still is a big lacuna in the acceptance and genuine understanding about the future of this emerging technology. Therefore, to promote its credibility an application has been created for blockchain enthusiasts, that is completely free to be used.

This is the world’s first app store solely for blockchain dubbed as Modex. It has invited blockchain researchers and developers to test the free tool available on the app and also they can write smart contracts. The most interesting part of the one who does this gets paid by the app makers. This application can be used for day-to-day tasks by making the connection between developers and potential customers. Also, it is capable of facilitating quick and easy access to the implementation of smart contracts. This application serves a dual purpose of both educating the pupil as well as extend advancements towards the enterprise sector, as mentioned on Business Review.

The blockchain education is promoted automatically in Modex app as it encourages the individuals to earn blockchain by signing-up on their app. There are also various benefits, bonuses and advantages for the participants. There is a huge gap in the actual resource requirement in this industry which can only be fulfilled by the apt education.

Expert Opinions On Education Of Blockchain

According to Smartereum, Programming Bitcoin author Jimmy Song, who also happens to be an instructor at Programming Blockchain, stated that programming in blockchain technology is just not so easy to understand; probably it is even a task for traditional developers. He also added that cryptography needs a certain kind of math which regular developers are not used to doing. That is why there is an urgent need for blockchain education introduction at the right time.

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