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Blockchain Ecosystem Designed For Both Restaurant Owners and Food Enthusiasts

Sesame Token is a blockchain ecosystem designed to help both restaurant owners and food enthusiasts. The restaurant owners can combat problems related to food waste through the ecosystem. They can also combat food costs through the ecosystem. Whereas the food enthusiasts will be provided with a single location. The location will contain restaurants information.

The CEO at AllSesame Doston Jalolov said, “Blockchain have the power to solve so many accountability issues currently experienced in businesses today. Databases can’t solve these kinds of problems, as they can be tampered with and do not work between various parties. But that’s the strength and certainty of blockchain.”

Restaurants can directly communicate with customers through the blockchain ecosystem. The customers can use a Sesame Token app and give restaurants reviews in order to earn dining reward points. The blockchain will be used to authenticate the restaurants reviews. 

Cryptocurrency transactions are allowed in the ecosystem. An online wallet and sesame tokens can be used for cashless transactions while sellers can get the tokens for every item they buy.

He added, “We have built a very robust system that provides value by tracking transactions and making them immutable, while also delivering unparalleled user transparency. Food reviews generated on our site are 100 percent legitimate — and that builds solid reputations. In addition, we are using technology to solve real financial problems around food waste,” PR Newswire reported.

The blockchain ecosystem Sesame Token is basically a decentralized food network driven by an AI blockchain tech. An ethereum blockchain-based peer-to-peer network will be provided through the ecosystem. The creation of base functions will be included in a sesame token project and some of the base functions are smart contracts, payment processing, digital ID support, etc. The base functions are required for an efficient and inexpensive commercial transaction, according to the official site of Allsesame.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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