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Blockchain, Cryptocurrency Jobs Appeal To Jobseekers In Asia

There is a growing interest in the cryptocurrency and Blockchain openings for job seekers in Asia. Incidentally, the technology has been embraced by established organizations as well as start-up businesses.

The Blockchain technology is the underlying technology for many prominent digital currencies like Bitcoin. It is a nonreversible record of transactions in digital form, which cannot be edited. Blockchain has the necessary potential to disrupt finance as well as a number of other industries.

While the technology has garnered immense publicity from various quarters, it has been also adopted by many established organizations as well as startup businesses over the last couple of years. However, mainstream interest in the space saw an unprecedented increase last year when the digital currency prices were sky-high.

Looking at the increased number of job postings and the high demand for such skilled professionals, there is an indication of the trend going further up. Robert Walters, a recruitment firm claimed that it has witnessed an increase of about 50 percent in the total number of job openings related to cryptocurrency and Blockchain in Asia since last year. Developers with skills in Python language are especially in high demand since 2017.

Job Openings In Established Companies And New Businesses

A quick search on LinkedIn for Blockchain openings will result in job vacancies in renowned established organizations like IBM along with openings in Binance, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, which is a relatively new business.

Even job seekers are showing a keen interest in this sector. There is a great deal of interest in Blockchain openings according to the data available in Indeed, a major job search engine. These include countries like Malaysia, Singapore, India, and Australia.

However, although there are innumerable Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiasts keen to join the field, John Mullally feels that many aspirants do not have the “actual skill sets” needed for the role of developers, CNBC reported. Mullally is associated with Robert Walters in Hong Kong in the capacity of a director, financial services.



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