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Blockchain Company snowM To Launch Fan Club Online Community Platform snowDAQ

snowM is a blockchain company who will launch a blockchain-based fan club platform called snowDAQ for attracting K-pop fans. The K-pop fans will also be helped in connecting with artists. July is the month when a demonstration version of the fan club platform snowDAQ will be launched. Official services will be started soon with the help of a blockchain platform called Luniverse.

The success of SnowDAQ in the creation of large-scale blockchain services with the help of the K-pop fandom is underscored.

Lambda256 is a subsidiary of a South Korean crypto exchange operator called Dunamu. The subsidiary Lambda256 operates the blockchain platform Luniverse. It was set up in the year 2018. It is located in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Solving the current blockchain platform-related various problems is a purpose of Dunamu Lambda256. Organizations and companies use decentralized apps. Helping to develop and operate the decentralized apps is one more purpose of Dunamu Lambda256. Blockchain, cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency economy, BaaS, and IT are the specialties of the subsidiary.

The blockchain company snowM consists of entertainment companies. A South Korea-based entertainment company called SM Entertainment Co., Ltd, a South Korea-based talent management agency called SidusHQ, a broadcasting company called MBC, and an American entertainment company called Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. are the entertainment companies. A blockchain-based artist development platform called snowMakers is operated through the company.

The South Korean crypto exchange operator Dunamu was established in the year 2012. It has made an announcement of investing 100 billion dollars into the blockchain technology industry. Cryptocurrency, securities, and asset management-related services are provided by Dunamuaccording to the official account of Lambda256 by Dunamu.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at the blockchain company SnowM Park Seung-hun said, “Users of entertainment-based blockchain services are fans and fan clubs. We hope that the services will resolve inconveniences that they experience and receive the fair value of fandom activity. A token reward system is meant to be launched soon through snowMakers and snowDAQ. An expectation is that the services will minimize commissions burdens for those fans who buy concert tickets and merchandise, Business Korea reported.

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