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Blockchain Company Bloq Hosts Private Gala Dinner During New York Blockchain Week

A blockchain company called Bloq hosted a private gala dinner during a one-week series of events called New York Blockchain Week.

Blockchain Charity Foundation (BCF) is a non-profit organization who has raised $200,000 worth of cryptocurrency donations. BCF is actually a blockchain-enabled charity platform of Binance. The funds are raised in the gala dinner. Binance will be supported for Children program through the funds. Children will be encouraged for continuing their education through the funds.

Providing 100,000 students with supplies, foods, and goods is a goal of this charity. Quality education of the students will be improved. The students will be from 160 Ugandian schools

The Head of Blockchain Charity Foundation (BCF) Helen Hai said, “The 100,000 end beneficiaries in Uganda will just be a starting point. I firmly believe that with all the good hearts in crypto space, we can expand our initiative to empower the bottom billion.”

The blockchain-enabled charity platform records all donations.

The blockchain importance in charity is explained in the dinner gala. A transparent and effective way is provided through the blockchain. The way is provided for helping needy. BCF is said to become a transformative force for good through donators.

One Twitter post of the blockchain company Bloq:

Binance is basically a blockchain ecosystem. The ecosystem consists of Binance Exchange, Blockchain Charity Foundation (BCF) Labs, Launchpad, Info, Academy, and Trust Wallet. Binance Exchange is recognized as the world’s fastest crypto exchange. 1.4 million orders per second can be done through the Binance Exchange, according to the official LinkedIn account of Binance.

The co-founder and the chairman of the blockchain company Bloq Matthew Roszak said, “In much of the excitement surrounding cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and tokenization, the magnitude of humanitarian applications has often been underrated, until recently… We hope more organizations join this global effort,” Invest In Blockchain reported.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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