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Blockchain Company Bitfury To Enter Kazakhstan For Blockchain Projects

A blockchain company called Bitfury enters Kazakhstan for blockchain projects. Bitfury and a Kazakhstan-based financial hub called Astana International Financial Centre (AIFC) will collaborate together for the creation of the projects.

Establishing data centers in Kazakhstan is a plan of Bitfury. Diversification of the work environment is a purpose behind the establishment of the data centers. Cooperating with Nur-Sultan Akimat (city administration) is also their purpose.

Bitfury will work on blockchain technology-based social projects in collaboration with Nur-Sultan Akimat. It will also support new technologies. The technologies will be supported for energy efficiency. The technologies won’t only be supported for this energy efficiency, but they will also be supported for environment protection.

Establishing human capital is one more plan of the blockchain company Bitfury. Education along with training programmes can be launched in collaboration with the AIFC Bureau for Continuing Professional Development for the establishment of human capital.

An opportunity will be created for the country’s startups & IT companies and the Central Asian region on account of this collaboration. The opportunity will be for joining hands with a major technology player. The player uses the AIFC platform to develop products.

Many successful startups are there who have developed projects at the AIFC Fintech Hub. Bitfury will promote these startups at the international level.

AIFC is selected for development. The confidence is said to be shown in the protection of the rights & interests of investors & consumers related financial services and the new ecosystem of financial markets, The Astana Times reported.

The blockchain company Bitfury develops futuristic solutions. Making the world more transparent and trusted is their mission. Innovative hardware is designed and produced. Cryptocurrencies and blockchains are secured through this innovative hardware. It is also recognized as a software provider. It provides software to most cutting-edge applications across the world through a private blockchain framework called Exonum, an advanced analytics platform called Crystal Blockchain, and a specialized engineering team for an open-source Lightning Network called LightningPeach, according to the official LinkedIn account of Bitfury.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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