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Blockchain Companies Fascinated To Explore Business Avenues In France

Blockchain companies are looking forward to setting up their firms in the city of love and architecture, France. With much surprise, it can be said that this is one of the European countries that has openly accepted and embraced blockchain technology. The government has been avidly supporting the initiatives which are ready to deploy blockchain in their respective domains. May it be education, supply chain, energy or information technology, the presence of this ledger form can be certainly experienced here. However, the government has not yet announced any major pilot projects yet.

The beginning of blockchain in France goes back in March 2016 when a declaration was passed by the Ministry of Economy to permit debt-based instruments or mini-bonds, in other words, to be issued on blockchain technology. This announcement caught the attention of all major firms to look out for more opportunities in the land of Eiffel. If everything goes well, the ministry will foresee the regulatory and legal framework for unlisted securities available in the market.

Firms like Woleet which is Paris-based blockchain startup took up the opportunity and has already won over quite a lot of major companies with its impeccable blockchain data security solution. This is one of the blockchain companies that have a wonderful amalgamation of both private and public sector clients. Some of their clients include Servier Laboratories, Kering, EDF and their recent government of the Bretagne, as published on EU-Startups.

Business Ecosystem Of France

The French blockchain business ecosystem as of now is small but extremely dynamic and ambitious in terms of growth. Indeed the blockchain technology is still evolving and there are many changes and updates followed up on a day-to-day basis, as mentioned on CoinDesk. The blockchain companies in France have begun working on novel products and services to avoid being left behind in this crucial race.

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