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Blockchain Careers: Job Opportunities And Demand Of Ledger Experts In Industry

The latest buzz in the technical recruitment is about blockchain careers and its relative prospects in the emerging industry. Indeed, blockchain technology has found a niche in the global market and the demands of blockchain experts have gained momentum in recent months. Some of the world’s biggest brands have come forward with the blockchain vacancies which signify that there will be a huge competition in the blockchain industry with the novel esteemed projects lined up ahead.

The crypto and blockchain market jobs have been pretty much sidelined and sometimes overlooked because of their volatile nature in the market plus no assurance on their stability. However, as the companies have begun picking up blockchain within various business verticals the requirements of the related jobs have also increased.

In a report shared by a LinkedIn expert analyst, it was revealed that there are nearly 645 job openings associated with the terms like blockchain and bitcoin in the year 2016. Interestingly the figure has increased many folds by 2017 with about 13,816 blockchain job openings, as mentioned by Bitcoin Exchange Guide. It is further mentioned that blockchain software technology firm ConsenSys and American multinational information technology company IBM are the foremost leading names in the field of blockchain careers.

Facebook Hiring Blockchain Engineers

It would not be incorrect to say that beginning a blockchain career with a company like Facebook is the dream for many budding engineers who want to associate themselves with such an iconic brand. The company has recently begun the recruitment for blockchain related job domains in order to expand their ledger team. Facebook’s blockchain team is formed with a vision to make this technology deployed at the company scale. The prime objective of this blockchain team is to explore the opportunities available in this emerging domain, as mentioned by The Next Web.

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