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Blockchain Based Platform LIKER To Launch ICO Soon, Rewards Users Pursuing Education

A  Blockchain-based platform called LIKER is all set to start its ICO pre-sale from October 20, 2018. The platform intends to reward its users while they pursue their studies.

The founders of the platform feel that quality education is not accessible easily due to several factors. Some prominent ones include social or wealth class.

There are times when these factors are beyond the choice or control of the learner. It is precisely why the founders believe that all people should have a right to quality education irrespective of their background, age or any other criteria.

LIKER can do that by developing an ecosystem, which can make it easy for the students to follow their studies, creates equal opportunity for people who have the urge to continue with learning. The platform uses the Blockchain economy to reward its participants.

Thus, it is easy for all to continue with their education irrespective of their race, region, or wealth. It also means everybody can pursue their studies notwithstanding where they live or at what time or age they decide to learn.

The Blockchain platform starts its ICO pre-sale from October 20, 2018, that will last until November 19, 2018. The main sale of its Initial Coin Offering will start from November 20, according to a report on Bitcoin Exchange Guide.

PlutusX Uses PLTX Tokens Issued During Its ICO

Meanwhile, PlutusX, another Blockchain-based platform uses decentralized tools to offer all financial requirements in a single ecosystem. The platform has introduced its wealth management products so that the users can attain their financial targets as it charges low transaction fees.

The Blockchain platform’s PLTX token uses the ERC20 protocol and has been issued during the ICO launched by it. The PLTX token holders enjoy a number of benefits including participation in selling and purchasing the tokens on leading trading platforms. Users can also get access to some great products on this platform, according to another report on Bitcoin Guide Exchange.

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