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Blockchain-based Database S4FE To Launch ICO, Platform To Resolve Theft Issues

Blockchain-based database S4FE is all set to launch its upcoming ICO. The key goal of the platform is to develop and offer a solution to prevent or minimize the incidents of thefts that have been increasing at an alarming rate.

The key objective of the S4FE database is to offer an effective solution to stop incidents pertaining to lost personal properties, and the number of thefts. It has certain decentralized features, which will bring down the figures and the market value of lost and stolen items.

It also supports reporting and identification of stolen or lost items at the real-time through a global database, which can be accessed from any place. Assets can be registered on the platforms by their owners to prevent their theft.

The platform can be also utilized by the buyers to check whether a particular product is authentic or not prior to actually purchasing it. In fact, it also encourages the users to notify their lost or stolen items through something called S4FE Reward Program. The program gives rewards to the users for reporting assets they feel are suspicious.

The Blockchain-based database is launching its ICO using the ERC-20 token protocol. The token is called S4FE and the offering accepts fiat currency, as well as, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, and Ripple, according to Bitcoin Exchange Guide.

More About S4FE ICO

The general public will be offered 300,000,000 tokens as part of the upcoming token sale. Token buyers will get the tokens via a smart contract, according to the whitepaper. The transfer will happen once the Initial Coin Offering concludes. The token sale has fixed its hard cap target at 50 million USD in Ether when the sale takes place.

The Blockchain platform’s ICO will have the token’s price set in Ethereum prior to the sale. When the sale concludes, buyers will be given ERC-20 tokens. The token sale is supposed to occur in different phases.

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