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Blockchain-based Companies Acquired For Better Business Operations

Zebi is one of the blockchain-based companies who has acquired the Bengaluru-based blockchain startup Element42. 14 employees of this startup will work with Zebi. The company will have a total of 75 employees.

Zebi is known as a blockchain-based solutions provider who provides its AI chain product to police departments and hotels. The company also provides land registry and document tracking with blockchain technology. It is planning to launch its own public blockchain platform. This platform will perform thousands of transactions per second. It is likely to give competition to worldwide firms like Bitcoin and others.

Element42 Management Solutions is one of the blockchain-based companies in the security and authentication field who provides anti-fraud and transparency solution to its customers. All clients of Element42 will be transferred to Zebi through this new integration. This integration will help Zebi for its product line and customer base expansion. It will also help more than 35 enterprises and government organizations. It will provide the team with opportunities to work on distributed ledger technologies of Ethereum, Hyperledger, Corda, Stellar, IOTA, NEM and Tendermint.

The Co-founder and CEO at Zebi Sudheer Kuppam said, “With the combined resources, we are looking forward to developing and launching many more innovative products targeting Telecommunications, BFSI and Logistics industries in the coming months,” Telangana today reported.

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency trading platform who has acquired one of the blockchain intelligence companies Neutrino. The platform wants to create an open financial system through Blockchain intelligence. It believes that analyzing data on public blockchains, identifying suspicious activities, investigating ransomware attacks along with the prevention of funds theft can be done with the help of Neutrino. Bringing more cryptocurrencies and features and helping Coinbase in compliance with local laws can also be done with the help of Neutrino. Whereas making cryptocurrencies safer and more accessible can be done through the technology of Neutrino, the official site of Coinbase reported.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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