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Blockchain-based Aarzoo Search Provides Unfiltered Results Unfazed By Sponsored Data

A blockchain-based search engine Aarzoo Search will now provide unfiltered results that are unfazed by the promoted and sponsored data. According to the CEO and founder of Aarzoo Search, Vinod Sujan, this search engine based on blockchain will provide the companies a dashboard per user per month.

The US-based CEO stated, “We aim at delivering search results that are faithful to the query and completely unfazed and incorruptible by promoted or sponsored data. With Aarzoo, the search happens in real time and as the information is not filtered, the user will get unfiltered results without any bias.” Sujan believes that this blockchain-based search engine will be of great help to enterprises.

The dashboard working on blockchain technology will provide unfiltered search results data to the companies. Aarzoo Search will be launched on 15 August next year. Sujan stated that he is primarily focusing on procurement companies as the key customers who will get pinpointed data without any bias about all the items.

Sujan thinks that Google will take 3 to 4 years to catch up with blockchain-based Aarzoo Search and similar technology as the search engine giant is still far away from blockchain technology. Importantly, Sujan believes that if they at all come out with their blockchain technology-supported search engine sooner, it will lead to cannibalizing of their own product, reported Livemint.

Sujan stated that the vast availability of technology talent in India, as well as its massive market size, will make it one of the top three countries offering advanced series and solutions in the world in the coming years. Despite new inventions in the blockchain-field, the industry is going through a rough period with the decline in the crypto prices.

Even though products like blockchain-based Aarzoo Search have a lot of potentials, the amount of interest in blockchain technology for streamlining business processes is slowly dwindling. It can be pretty clear from the fact that during the second quarter of this year the demand for blockchain-related jobs increased by around 636.83 percent, reported CryptoGlobe. But now it has dropped by around 50 percent.

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