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Blockchain Africa Conference 2019 To Bring Top Leaders In Technology Together

The Blockchain Africa Conference 2019 will bring topmost leaders in the field of technology together. As of now the continent of Africa is facing huge challenges regarding transactions and conducting businesses. Blockchain technology can be the right solution for providing simpler, cost-effective, and more efficient ways of reducing fraud cases, increasing transparency and security and also cutting down human errors and inefficiencies.

The conference is expected to give more stress on finding out solutions that will shift Africa forward and also enable the continent as a whole to take up blockchain technology for transforming industries and improving lives in the region. Among the multiple topics that the conference is expected to explore, the prominent will be embracing blockchain technology, the opportunities, and benefits offered by it.

The event will also discuss current insights in the blockchain use cases, concerns that are inhibiting its wide-scale adoption, issues related to its performance, the regulatory setup, blockchain infrastructure and scalability of this technology.

The Blockchain Africa Conference 2019 will have delegates and speakers coming from over 35 countries and will attract major investors, developers, enthusiasts, startups, policy makers, regulators, corporate, and venture funds. The conference will bring together some of the topmost thought leaders as well as pioneers in the world of technology who will create an ecosystem for everyone so that they can learn, network and form a strong collaboration with each other, reported Business Day.

The continent has been organizing such Bitcoin (BTC) events and Blockchain Conferences since 2015 and these are first of their kind events in Africa. In the last couple of years, these conferences have attracted international experts from the realms of blockchain technology and innovation. Every year these great minds share their experiences, opportunities, and challenges in the field and offer an insight into the latest trends that are being rapidly adopted around the world, reported Blockchain Africa Conference 2019.

This year too the Blockchain Africa Conference 2019 will bring together like-minded people and help the attendees learn interesting things related to blockchain use cases from a wide range of startups and innovative companies.

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