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Blockchain Accelerator Program Brings Digitizing Securities On Front-End Of Market

IBM’s blockchain accelerator program has earned quite a popularity and space in the global market. It is known that IBM has been making huge developments in the blockchain industry and it is one of the pioneers leading with a wonderful team of blockchain researchers and developers.  The latest update in the blockchain industry has caught the attention of everyone as Securitize, the digitizing securities compliance platform that runs on this technology is about to join this program.

Securitize is one of the leading names that will make a part of this group. Founded in 2017 this is a compliance platform and protocol which is very popular for managing and issuing securities, share buy-backs, dividends, and distributions on a blockchain-based platform.

IBM’s blockchain accelerator program will run for three months that will present an opportunity for the participants to work with mentors and IBM’s specialized team. The conclusion of this program will include an exclusive demonstration by Securitize explaining their ideas of delivering the right output to their potential customers.

CEO and co-founder of Securitize, Carlos Domingo stated that their main objective is to create world’s first debt issuance platform in this year that runs on blockchain technology. He further added that with the help of tech giant IBM they are looking forward to modernizing corporate debt market which is worth $82 trillion dollars, it is now working with several inefficiencies and high fees, as mentioned on Forbes.

IBM Bets High On Blockchain Industry

IBM tops the list of blockchain contenders in the recent times; it stands only second in place of filing patents related to this technology. According to CNN Business, IBM has about 500 or more blockchain projects already pitched in within several sectors such as healthcare, shipping banking, and supply chain to name a few.

IBM’s blockchain accelerator program is the new step towards bringing blockchain based firms together on one platform for the apt deployment and usage of this technology.

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