International Founder Talks About Variety of Facets In Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

Founder and CEO of, c Blumer, has been speaking regarding the well-known blockchain network and cryptocurrency EOS and Bitmain’s upcoming initial public offering (IPO). In his latest interview, he discussed how its company has created a next-generation cryptocurrency trading platform for the users.

Brendan clarified that there are numerous networks in the market that were using Proof-of-Work as a consensus algorithm, somewhat that expended a lot of energy. Nonetheless, the obvious to create a new cryptocurrency that focuses on innovation rather than energy consumption.

EOS is one of the most appreciated cryptocurrencies in the space and owns the record of having the largest Initial Coin Offering (ICO) sale in history. The company was able to gather $4 billion dollars in funds after starting it on might 2017 and finishing it a year later. Blumer revealed that no members of’s core team had left and that the company will still be able to accomplish its plans in full As per him blockchain tech let individuals disrupt few centralized platforms available right now.

Blumer noted that the EOS platform will interrupt centralized authorities and entities, which will obviously become a big theme in mortality’s near future, as stated in Etherum World News.

Bitmain being a leading multinational semiconductor company and one of the world’s largest blockchain hardware manufacturers recently reported to be valued at US$12 billion, making it the most valued blockchain organization in the cryptocurrency trading world at the time. As reported in website the company is a Cayman organization headquartered in Hong Kong and employs over 200 people globally having offices in Hong Kong, California, and Virginia.

As per the news published in Bitcoin Exchange Guide, Bitmain IPO business in which Bitmain is involved is totally different to the one related to EOS since they are hardware manufacturers. As per Blumer, Hong Kong is very significant for the industry since there are numerous market leaders as well as the city offers very free capital markets with ideologies as cryptocurrency trading and blockchain itself.

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