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Block Collider Launches an Unstoppable Decentralized Marketplace

Sir Isaac Newton postulated that the 1st Law of Motion was: A body in motion, remains in motion unless acted on by an outside force.… He was wrong.

The world’s first BORDERLESS Marketplace is opening and it is cannot be stopped. The product of thousands of hours of work by a dedicated team and community, Block Collider is releasing the world’s first unstoppable, honestly decentralized exchange. The momentum of this event will resound through the cryptocurrency space first but make its way to broader markets as people realize there are options to centralization.

BORDERLESS presents the opportunity to tap into a global network of individuals, as well as groups and corporations, who value the freedom that cryptography brings when delivered through trust-less systems. Trust is earned before it is given, but in the perfect system is is not required in the first place. Using a unique algorithm, the Block Collider team developed a project which does not use a trust reliant system, (often referred to as “validators, master nodes, counsels”) at all and instead uses a method called Proof of Distance (PoD) to create the competitions for the next block. These competitions are to receive the only cost to use BORDERLESS transaction fees. Because BORDERLESS perpetuates itself, there is no off switch, and no maintenance of central systems which cause the commonly seen exchange fees. BORDERLESS sets the standard for ‘decentralization’, and the standard is; zero.

Open, free, borderless transactions are here, but BORDERLESS hides a secret. Performance. By identifying validation as not only a roadblock to true decentralized security but as a gatekeeper for performance the elimination of central points has created the fastest multi-chain ever. The performance of the algorithm allows BORDERLESS trades to transact faster than any of the chains participating it. Going BORDERLESS is so fast that confirming a transaction placed on the Ethereum network, is faster if you confirm it using BORDERLESS than if you use the Ethereum chain.

Over the next 24 hours BORDERLESS will be released and available to download. BORDERLESS will begin in Safe mode to protect new users as they learn the system.

So what does the world’s fastest, decentralized, free to use, BORDERLESS Marketplace mean to the crypto-guru? The same thing it means for the politician, plumber, neighbor, or distant stranger: Freedom.

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  1. Great! Block Collider is going to Mooon!

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