Blackmoon Has Offered Xiaomi To Tokenize Its Initial Public Offering

Users can now take advantage of Xiaomi’s IPO using Blackmoon’s platform. The Chinese Smartphone maker, Xiaomi, is setting up to increase 30% of its blockbuster $10 billion IPO selling shares in China and Hong Kong, according to a news major. Before, the intent was to raise $10 billion in an initial public offering (IPO).

The IPO is going to be the major around the globe in four years and one of the foremost in Beijing under the new rules realized by the government. It is significant to state that Xiaomi is going to be amongst the first overseas-listed Chinese firms to explore for a lesser listing at home with the new Chinese Depositary Receipts (CDRs).

During the last years, firms have been launching a significant amount of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) a way to congregate funds by promoting a token that later could be utilized in a platform or as an investment tool. It seems that Xiaomi determined to take the conventional way to raise funds and invest in the potential growth of the firm.

The Xiaomi token will be an asset token oriented by the shares of the Xiaomi Corporation. The goal of the firm and the token is to offer investor’s exposure to the Xiaomi Corporation. The engrossed populace can involve in the performance of Xiaomi through the Blackmoon platform. The currency obtainable for the IPO will be the US Dollar and liquidity will be within 93 days after the initial public offering, according to Coin Telegraph.

Xiaomi was able to become the 4th largest Smartphone company in the market in just 7 years, and its position may keep rising in the future. At the instant, over 70% of its revenue is allied to Smartphone sells, and over 20% comes from IoT and lifestyle products. It is crucial to talk about that the Blackmoon is the first firm in the history to tokenize an IPO allowing investors to entrée Xiaomi’s IPO.

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