Bitrue Partners With Many ICO Projects To Build Healthy Ecosystem

Bitrue, an exchange for cryptocurrency trading committed to safety and professional selection of ICO projects, officially launched with the ambition of becoming the most intuitive and secure crypto exchange.

Upon its launch, Bitrue also announced its partnership with Wanchain, a world-renowned blockchain ecosystem for marketing and ecosystem development. The exchange has created four certification levels and an independent trading domain for its users.
Its network security protection system has passed a number of simulated hacker attacks and penetration tests.

Bitrue has been certified by NSFOCUS, a pioneer in cybersecurity because the exchange tries to produce a stable and calming crypto commerce surroundings.

While the marketplace is filled with knockoffs like scam tokens, cryptocurrency pyramid structures, and copycat coins, CEO Curis Wang believes that rather than simply puzzling over the way to create cash from listing fees, exchanges ought to strictly review ICO candidates to assist users to determine sensible currencies from dangerous ones.

The newly-launched Bitrue is ready to gift a number of the simplest cryptocurrencies to users around the world.

 Bitrue Cryptocurrency Exchange

Bitrue exchange is dedicated to providing the most trustworthy digital plus management services in a very easy, economical, and secure manner. The corporate was engineered by a decent mixture of digital finance specialists, cybersecurity specialists, and blockchain developers, who share a similar passion for redefining crypto commerce experiences. It has built offices within the U.S. and the Asia Pacific so that users get the complete benefit from this exchange.

According to the news printed in PR Newswire, Bitrue, the exchange, has additionally listed XRP as its base currency, thus XRP holders should buy alternative high-quality cryptocurrencies with ease and at lower fees. To celebrate the inclusion of XRP, and with the professional process and team, Bitrue is giving a special bonus for XRP traders next week.

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