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Bitpanda Adds EOS As Part Of Its Expansion For Cash Trading Option

Bitpanda, Austria’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange, as part of its development drive to list tokens and coins for cash has recently added EOS.

In an announcement on their certified Twitter page, the exchange stated that Cryptocurrency fans can now make use of EOS at 400 Post branches and 1300 Post Partners in Austria with cash.

However, EOS is willingly obtainable on exchanges for cryptocurrency aficionados in spite of its energetic token swap manner. But, the move by Bitpanda has made entree to it through a redeemable voucher.

Also, the exchange has initiated trading of its native digital asset of Pantos (PAN) whose ICO ended recently. At present, it is swapping only on Bitpanda, and it is coming up for removals and listings on many exchanges.

Price Of EOS

The market price of EOS has been catching up fine with an expressive help of Tether (USDT) supply soaring around $8.22. Presently, EOS is latent and powerless in starting a strong spell.

Recently, the maximum point of its fees was $10.02 and the least was $6.20. Yet, after the launch of the mainnet, the day-to-day auctions saw the asset trailing more than half of its value and has drifted sidelong.

According to EOS Authority, EOS RAM update has been approved to gradually increase its space at 1kb per block. The fall in EOS RAM prices rose after a vote conducted amongst the 21 Block Producers, where 15 supported the addition of more RAM to the assigned system.

Additionally, the EOS blockchain has not simulated its one-time achievement of having 4000 transactions in one minute. The block producers approve and fix amounts of a few transactions per second.

As per the news published in the Bitcoin Exchange Guide, for few days EOS has lowered rank vis-a-vis transactions, and the Bitcoin’s network is foremost of further than 300,000 transactions in just 24 hours.

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