Bitmillex Crypto Exchange Launches Its Working MVP

Bitmillex crypto Exchange has unveiled its MVP which is still a work in progress.

The company is ahead of their schedule and stated that Bitmillex crypto exchange is not only going to change the way people trade in a crypto market, but also bring about the much-needed flavor.

It will provide options which will specifically and directly cater to the needs of a different category of investors and traders. The company seems to be fully committed and driven by its aim to fulfill its goals.

The crypto exchange provides Hybrid Exchange which would be developed to let traders have their own choice. Bitmillex will also provide change to the users to trade with the help of a centralized platform. The decentralized platform which is MT5 multiterminal focused mostly on letting the multi-directional trading. This complete exchange will offer this choice not just on this platform, but also on the direction of trading. This would be the most important aspect which is lacking in most of the crypto exchanges as it lets users in trading.

There is also a feature called as Auto-Trade. As crypto trading is fairly new and generating big interest worldwide. It will also require a big deal of watching a screen to those who do not want to see the screen will have a chance to make a lot of profits.

According to report published in Coinspeaker, to get more profits they have designed a pool which is called as mycryptobook which is going to list out top-ranked trader who can choose to subscribe to these services based on which other traders can judge their performances by just clicking on the follow button which would be present in their linked accounts. Bitmillex exchange would have all the trades which will be executed, duplicated on the follower’s account.

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