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BitMEX Crypto Exchange Reports WebSocket Error, BTC Surges

BitMEX crypto exchange has experienced with yet another technical failing, according to a tweet on their official Twitter page. This comes after users stated concerns for the past 2 days. The exchange, which is extensively used for its short contracts, recently reported a WebSocket error on its page.

In the short span of under two months, this represents the second issue the exchange has experienced. In August, the exchange also experienced a distributed rejection of Service attack, facing concerns with its data procures and log in. BitMEX explained that they had some issues and that it could affect some users. Several users reported several similar problems on the famous social network Twitter.

As per the company, users were totally frustrated by these problems and difficulties that have affected trading operations on the platform. This is quite significant as BitMEX crypto exchange is one of the most chief and recognized exchanges in the market. The report of technical issues was followed by Bitcoin (BTC) breaking one of the vital trend lines that it has experienced over the past week. It has also established historically low instability and is the lowermost observed on BitMEX since its inception. Besides the error, there were other complications rose such as orders not being displayed, reduced liquidity and more.

After this incident, bitcoin and other virtual currencies experienced an unexpected price increase. Most of the virtual currencies in past few days have functioned without big changes, however as per Bitcoin Exchange Guide, in the last hours, few of the cryptocurrencies are increasing more than 5 percent.

The report has also confirmed its historically low unpredictability and is the lowest observed on BitMEX crypto exchange since its inception. It broke past the $6650 confrontation and went up to meet the $6680 limit. Though as per Elevenews it is presently beginning a bounceback, trading at around $6666.

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