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Bithemoth ICO Review: Decentralized Platform Prioritizes Security, Challenges Intangible Coins

This ICO review is on a decentralized exchange platform called Bithemoth that will launch a new Initial Coin Offering next month.

Bithemoth, the decentralized exchange, has been specially designed to protect the funds of the traders without any involvement of a third-party or giving an access to a private key. People who are developing the technology claim that innovative features have been created for the platform, which gives it a distinct position in the space.

The platform also indicates that it is one of the key players of the disruptive ‘Blockchain revolution. Its specially integrated hardware wallet offers high security and gives absolute control to its users.

The platform also questions the presence of intangible coins while providing meaningful purchases with its payment cards. Payments can be also made within its marketplace. The decentralized platform can also handle the poorly designed user interfaces, which exist on various exchanges and makes it advanced, smart, and simple.

As far as the platform’s ICO details are concerned, Bithemoth’s pre-ICO token sale is already over. The main Initial Coin Offering is scheduled to continue from November 30 to December 31, 2018. The accepted cryptocurrencies in this token sale are Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Its official website also mentioned the details about this upcoming token sale, according to iNVEZZ.

ICO Review: More On Upcoming Bithemoth Initial Coin Offering

The Bithemoth team has highlighted the ‘distinguishing’ characteristics of its technology in the whitepaper. The platform says that the ICO will be beneficial for both long-term, as well as,  short-term investment. Incidentally, the exchange was created based on three major pillars – profitability, usability, and accessibility.

The Bithemoth ICO review will be fragmentary if the benefits associated with its seamless database is not mentioned. The database clearly offers all the trading statistics automatically with no need for manual calculation. In other words, the platform facilitates easy and fast portfolio management tools.

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