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BitConnect’s BCC Token Gets Suspended From All Crypto Exchange Platform

BitConnect’s BCC token has been finally de-listed from Tradesatoshi’s crypto exchange platform. Tradesatoshi, which is a little-known exchange, has a daily trading volume of around $$1.1. However, it is yet to indicate the untrue cryptocurrency that has been formally suspended.

TradeSatoshi had previously promised to delist BitConnect and its BCC token from its platform on September 10, 2018, and thus finally it kept its promise and has removed the token from all the exchange platform. The exchange saw many investors pouring in millions of dollars into the Bitconnect’s BCC token.

In reality, BitConnect’s BCC token is shut down after the Securities of the state had filed an emergency cease and desist order for it. Trade Satoshi has already accused the crypto exchange platform of fraud and unlicensed securities selling. It assured extremely high returns however it has now considered as a scam. It may seem rather surprising, the coin still has a rather impressive market cap of more than millions.

Certainly, the company has been relying on an aggressive marketing strategy on all fronts. The company used a pyramid scheme where it recruited a huge number of marketers for new investors, BitConnect is not the only example of failures on the crypto market. According to the official data, BitConnect in 2017 had bragged a market cap of over $2.6 billion and a value beyond the $400 mark, as reported by The Next Web.

As per the Etherum World News, for many months a maximum number of exchanges had been supporting BCC, like BitConnect has still not delisted from one of the foremost crypto exchange platforms that are CoinMarketCap, in spite of the project being believed as a con for more than seven months now its BCC trading pairs still remain active from time to time. Irrespective, it has become clear that the scam and its native cryptocurrency have literally has fallen face down in the dirt to suffer a defeat.

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