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Crypto Trading Platform Only For Brazilians

BitcoinTrade.Com.Br is a cryptocurrency trading platform that can only be used by Brazilians. Using the exchange platform, users can buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin.

It is the only platform in Brazil that is fully PCI DSS compliant (level 2) which makes it a really safer platform for users to trade upon. The platform offers full mobile support for both iOS and Android. So, users can easily use the platform even when they are away from home.

BitcoinTrade.Com.Br was founded by four individuals who were keen on introducing Bitcoin trading to the mainstream Brazilian investors. These four people were Daniel Coquieri (COO), from the Tech sector, Carlos Andre Montenegro (CEO), a digital entrepreneur, Jorn Filho (CTO), also a digital entrepreneur, and Fabio Santos (CSO) who has a background of more than 20 years in the Tech and security sector.

How Does The BitcoinTrade App Work

BitcoinTrade.Com.Br uses a pretty standard technology. The exchange functions just like any other international exchanges in the market. It has a high-security level though. Some additional features offered by the exchange include charts that depict live deals, certificates, and the movement of the cryptocurrency market.

An important aspect to be noticed is that the company provides the brokerage service and is a centralized exchange. So it keeps the investor’s Bitcoin for him or her, unlike the decentralized exchanges in which the investor trades directly from his or her own wallet.

How To Use BitcoinTrade?

As reported in the Bitcoin Exchange Guide report, in order to use the platform, users need to first register themselves. The registration process is quite simple and it needs just the investor’s email, birth date, a password, a Brazilian CPF (for people) and CNPJ(for companies).

As soon as an investor registers, he or she is eligible to use fiat currency (BRL) to pay for Ethereum, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. The investor can also exchange all these crypto tokens among each other and withdraw the money whenever he or she wishes to. One of the positive aspects of BitcoinTrade.com.Br is that the exchange is hundred percent compliant with all the regulations of Brazil.

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