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Bitcoin Sharing & Blockchain Social Media App Webbeeo Is In Alpha Testing Phase

A Bitcoin sharing & Blockchain social media app called Webbeeo is in an alpha testing phase. A beta testing phase of Webbeeo will be performed soon.

Epazz Inc is a software company creating Webbeeo. Providing blockchain technology-based better privacy to users is a goal of Webbeeo. Data will be encrypted ensuring privacy and protection.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Epazz Inc Shaun Passley said, “We wanted to take advantage of the climate to hopefully attract a user base before the climate shifts. We have been working on a social media platform with the goal of providing enhanced privacy to the public. This is something we know the public wants. We believe in getting the site to the public even as a beta release to attract users. Once our blockchain storage technology is integrated, only the user will have access to their data via crypto key.”

Data can be stored in the blockchain through the Bitcoin sharing & Blockchain social media app Webbeeo. The users will be able to find the app on the Apple App Store and Apple Play.

No intermediaries can access data of the users. Intermediaries can be social media platforms. The users can control their data better. Epazz Bitcoin Wallet will be used for helping the users in sharing Bitcoin (BTC) over the network.

Epazz Inc was established in the year 2000. It is located in Chicago, Illinois. Conversions of Legacy systems into cloud business process software are easy through Epazz technology. Eleven software companies are obtained by the software company. Some of the companies’ legacy systems are in this conversion process. While some of the companies’ legacy systems are already converted, according to the official LinkedIn account of Epazz, Inc.

Data can’t just be stored, but it can be retrieved from the blockchain through the Bitcoin sharing & blockchain social media app Webbeeo, GlobeNewswire reported.

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Shabnam Dhar is a Copy Editor for OWLT Market.

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