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Bitcoin No More A Mode Of Payment In Expedia

Bitcoin not longer a valid mode of payment on the American travel booking website Expedia. Since 10th June 2018, Expedia has stopped acceptance of Bitcoin and have apologized for any convenience this may have caused to the users.

Cancellation of the service was done in a very secretive manner and there was no prior report neither on social media page nor on the website of the travel company. It seems that the decision has not been taken positively by the users of the portal. Many members through social media started suggesting alternative sites where Bitcoin was still a legal tender.

In today’s digital age, many It employees receive a portion of their salary through crypto and decision of Expedia to not accept Bitcoins might not be very fruitful in long run. Even with the extreme volatility of Bitcoins most of the insiders are not fazed from accepting cryptos. According to the report published in Cointelegraph, there are still many who don’t mind to get their salaries paid using cryptos.

Coinbase, a leading exchange which used to provide its services to Expedia has earlier stopped custodial solutions to merchants. This could be one of major reasons for Expedia to stop accepting Bitcoins. In 2014, Expedia had teamed up with Coinbase and started to accept Bitcoin as a mode of payment on their website. For making any sort of payment of hotel or flight booking, users were directed to Coinbase page where they could see all the details including exchange rates.

According to report published in Bitcoin News, Cheapair, Expedia’s direct competitor are still accepting Bitcoins. Discontinuation of service from Coinbase, Cheapair shifted to Bitpay.  For payout Cheapair website will not offer dash (DASH), litecoin (LTC), bitcoin cash(BCH) along with Bitcoin (BTC).

In last six months there has been a steep rise in the demand of people to start accepting cryptos as a mode of payment. In such scenario decision of Expedia to discontinue Bitcoin comes as a rude shock for many users.

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