Bitcoin News: Seoul Food Joint Trades in Crypto Cash

Bitcoin fans have a reason to rejoice as another renowned merchant is supporting BCH (Bitcoin Cash) for payments. The South Korean based food dispatch platform now accepts BCH for door-to-door delivery throughout the Seoul region, according to the news.

As per the news, Tthe food service Shuttle Delivery accepts Bitcoin cash in South Korea. People residing in South Korea can order tasty cuisine and cany pau using Bitcoin cash. The firm, Shuttle Delivery, is a South Korean food delivery firm that caters to individuals who trade in crypto cash like Bitcoins.

The occupants of Seoul, South Korea, can place orders from their mobile phones. The application is available in Korean and English and for both ios and Andriod users. based on the news reports, one can place an order for their supper online and the Shutter Delivery will indefinitely suffice the palate of the Seoul residents.

As stated in Bitcoin News, Shuttle Delivery provides delivery services from a variety of Seoul’s best restaurants,” explains the company’s website. One can enjoy the best cuisine in the comfort of your home, office or wherever you happen to be. This news is making an uproar in the market as BCH ventures into food joints.

Meanwhile, when it comes to food delivery apps trading in cryptocurrency, BlockFood can’t go unnoticed as it is the first decentralized food ordering app. BlockFood aims at freeing the food delivery market from the corporations that for now have complete control of the industry, as mentioned in Cryptocurrency Investing.

BlockFood is aiming to make this a fairer, more transparent process for everyone involved. According to their website, BlockFood’s business model relies on fair wealth distribution and a dynamic commission rate adjusted to structure costs.” Blockfood’s three important characteristics are Decentralized, Fair and Open and aim to thrive further based on these features.

All payments are done using BlockFoodTokens, freeing the system foundation from historical banks, while preserving the possibility for users to use the service with fiat currencies. Overall, Bitcoin is currently in the news as it is venturing into all markets.

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