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Bitcoin Mining Giant Bitmain Launches Software Update For Antminer S9

Chinese Bitcoin mining giant Bitmain Technologies recently revealed that it is all set to roll out a firmware update to support “overt AsicBoost” functionality. This will reportedly bring a boost to the miners. Earlier, its AsicBoost technology accumulated a plenty of criticism in the last few years, but despite this disparagement, the company firmly believes that it can generate 20 percent increase in efficiency.

Bitmain’s new AsicBoost technology will make Antminer S9 rigs boost their hash rate. However, the critics have claimed that Bitmain does not hold the patent for AsicBoost software in China, and they “have simply copied the US one and filed.”

Bitmain, which is known as top Bitcoin mining firm in China, recently elaborated that it did not have any intention to release software supporting the AsicBoost method over the fact that the software may be secured by patents. But now the legal counsel of the company has ensured that there is no specific patent claim over the software. Hence, Bitmain is free to use it based on its legal counselor.

“Now we are pleased to give Antminer users whose miners have the capability to support this function a choice to avail this advantage without any negative impact on the Bitcoin protocol,” Bitmain stated in its announcement, as reported by Coin Desk. In April last year, Bitmain gave a detailed statement that its ASIC chip and BM1387 already had the ability to process Asicboost. But they refrained from using the protocol due to possible patent infringements and other third-party IP violations.

In one blog post released by Medium a few days back, Bitmain said adding the code will save about 13 percent of energy costs, instead of 20 percent claimed last year. Recently, it revealed its and Antpool Bitcoin mining pool both implemented AsicBoost in March this year.

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