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Bitcoin, Blockchain Technology Now Backed By Major Universities

More prestigious educational institutions are now recognizing cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, as well as blockchain technology, as a “critical skills” required to have a successful career in modern-day technologies.

It was reported earlier in January that the University of New Hampshire School of Law had started offering blockchain and cryptocurrency law certificates, dubbed as BC&L. Under the program, students will be introduced to blockchain technology, smart contracts, as well as cryptocurrency trade details.

The latest institution to recognize cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies is Massachusetts Institute of Technology. MIT believes that almost every profession is going to be influenced by blockchain technology, 3D printing and artificial intelligence. However, not every professional is well-versed in such emerging technologies, no matter how critical those are.

According to MIT Executive Director Bhaskar Pant, professionals need to have such specialized knowledge in blockchain to become successful in a “21st century technology workforce.”

MIT is one of the most prestigious educational institutions in the world. It follows a European polytechnic university model. Its “Applied Blockchain” program, which is now open for registration, will help professionals in the field of law, finance, technology and various others.

While its main campus is situated in Cambridge Massachusetts, also offers an online course called “Blockchain Technologies: Business Innovation and Application.” The course helps students understand blockchain applications and learn to create new blockchain solutions.

MIT has mentioned in its course details that there are more than $1 billion in venture capital funding for blockchain, with over 200 billion in market capitalization. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin run on blockchain technology.

“These new learning options are designed to address the critical skills and specialized knowledge necessary to succeed in a 21st century technology workforce,” Pant said.

Coinbase earlier partnered with Qriously to understand what students think about cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. According to the survey, Stanford University is the top institution among all to have the maximum number of courses related to crypto and blockchain. It has 10 such programs. A close second is the Cornell University with 9 programs, while the University of Pennsylvania has 6 and the National University of Singapore 5.

The survey also found that the younger generation has been highly curious about cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, as well as blockchain technology. And, they want to take classes to know more about it.

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