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BIBF Blockchain Academy’s Professional Qualification Program To Include 5-Day Intensive Training

The Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance (BIBF)’s recently launched Blockchain Academy is offering the Kingdom’s first Blockchain Professional Qualification Program. It will include a 5-day intensive training program. BIBF is planning to organize this training in collaboration with Dubai-based training provider myLearning Key. Apart from this training program, BIBF is also organizing a series of Workshops and Masterclasses.

BIBF will launch the professional qualification program on January 6 next year. Candidates completing this collaborated training program will earn the international-level Certified Blockchain Professional CIBP qualification. A US-based organization, Institute of IIB Council will award this certification. The course aspires to fulfill the demand for practitioners in the industry and also to form global standards in the technology industry. It should be noted that blockchain is one of the fastest growing technologies across the globe.

CIBP Course To Provide 100 Percent Blockchain Technology Overview

The CIBP course will provide a thorough 100 percent overview of the blockchain technology and the way it is implemented across the real world. The certification will comprise of three competency and knowledge areas related to the blockchain. These include development, implementation and strategy.

The qualification program of BIBF’s Blockchain Academy will expose the students to multiple concepts of blockchain implementation and will also provide them with a unique guideline for scalable and sustainable blockchain development using quantum resistant ledgers, reported BIBF.

The institute also plans to offer a series of Masterclasses catering to both the IT professionals as well as to the business professionals across all the verticals so that they can gain knowledge about the potential effective applications of this technology and implement the same in their respective organizations.

At the launch of Blockchain Academy, the BIBF Director Dr. Ahmed Al Shaikh stated, “In alignment with the institute’s direction to position Bahrain as the IT Hub for training in the region and to adapt to market requirements, the BIBF continues to introduce new programmes to develop the skills and knowledge of the Kingdom’s human capital.” He further added that they are coming up with the academy to fulfill the growing demand for skilled professionals in blockchain field, reported Cryptovest.

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