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Best Voting System: Blockchain Begins Replacing Conventional Process

How should the best voting system be, which reflects the technological advancements as well as maintains a fair practice of electing the right person?  The answer to this crucial question can be blockchain technology, indeed it has been now referred because of its impeccable features. However, the viability of a blockchain powered voting system is yet to be checked and understood in all the aspects.

The blockchain associated technologies like cryptography and decentralized storage systems facilitate some of the most intriguing unique advantages that the conventional voting systems don’t. But these systems are under the criticism and scrutiny as they largely belong to an advanced generation of online/e-voting models which have not been widely accepted by all the countries. They have their own concerns like vulnerability to manipulation and hacking. The blockchain voting systems to make a difference from the online models they cannot be called as advanced replicas but they only belong to the same category.

The core debate is not about changing the entire pattern of voting but to make the current system better that might have loopholes still being better form the existing ones, as mentioned by Blockonomi. Therefore, some of the countries have begun using it within their electoral process, this hasn’t been used in a wide scale of a presidential or prime minister’s election but certainly, there is a beginning towards the best voting system.

South Korea’s Blockchain Based Voting System

According to ZD Net, South Korea runs far ahead in the league of blockchain voting system and has begun working on the relevant model. The trials of this system will begin from early next month and it is being developed as a joint project by The Ministry of Science and ICT, and the National Election Commission (NEC).

The voting will be done from personal computers and mobiles in which the voter authentication will be saved, monitored and verified via blockchain network. Perhaps, the best voting system is not yet in existence but the roadmap to achieve that is already there.

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